A complete refurbishment and conversion for a well-known local business

Masefields & Bruno’s Bakery

The project: A complete refurbishment and conversion for a well-known local business

Bruno’s Bakery is part of the local landscape in Studley, Warwickshire. At a time when local highstreets and small businesses have been struggling to get back on their feet after the 2020 pandemic, Bruno’s is a local success story and had outgrown their initial premises. They acquired new premises down the road as part of their plans to expand –premises 4 times the size of their existing one.

The business ambition would significantly alter the internal layout, creating a larger bakery, a striking feature entrance and an interior café plus roof terrace to welcome customers.

The challenge

Masefields successfully applied for planning permission for the project and were commissioned to assist with the full conversion and technical design for the new premises. Formerly a health centre, the new site had stood empty for 8 years, so extensive refurbishment and renovation were required. To assist, Masefields brought in specialist structural engineers, who frequently collaborate on larger renovations with the Masefields team.

Making an entrance

Our clients wanted to explore the possibility of removing a section of the first floor to open up an atrium space; replacing a significant section of the front wall with glass. This would flood the new café area inside with natural light, creating a spacious, contemporary space to enjoy coffee.

But on a lovely spring day or summer afternoon, who wants to be inside?

As always, the initial site visit is a key stage in the design development process. It’s an exciting, collaborative stage for both parties. During one of the early site visits, the client raised the idea of creating a large open area outside for customers – a secluded terrace garden on the existing flat roof. The Masefields design team presented a creative solution combined innovative design with practical and compliant solutions.

Collaboration is key. From site visit to completion, we listen carefully to your ideas and don’t present recommendations until we have the full ‘story’.

The outcome

The new premises represent a four-fold expansion on the existing bakery premises. Bruno Bakery’s new location and café is set to open late 2022.

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