Pre-Acquisition Surveys

Purchasing a commercial building is a substantial investment, whether for self occupation or as an investment opportunity.

Depending upon the age and condition of the property, there may be pre-existing defects or wants of repair that could affect the value, require further expenditure or affect its ability for commercial letting.

It is essential that such investments are subject to a Pre Acquisition Survey to determine condition and highlight any potential risk, so that you are aware of future obligations.


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A pre-acquisition building survey will give peace of mind and pay for itself many times over.

Our comprehensive survey reports are intended to give potential purchasers, whether freehold or leasehold, a clear understanding of the condition of the property, identifying any potential issues that may give rise to additional expenditure or impact on any repairs or other leasehold obligations.  The report will also advise on the potential consequences of non-attendance to minor defects, which could lead to more significant damage and increased costs if left unattended.

The information within the pre-acquisition report can be used to assist in negotiating a more favourable price where its condition may impact on the value and can also be used to help develop a long-term maintenance plan.



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